"Art for Aid" Fundraising Event Supports Gaza through the Power of Art

Courtesy Art for Aid

Art for Aid, a group committed to raising funds for humanitarian aid in Gaza, is hosting its second fundraising event on June 9. This one-day event will be held at 35 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY, where artworks from local and international artists will be showcased with proceeds from each sale benefiting organizations such as the Palestinian Mental Health Fund, PCRS-Urgent Care for Gaza’s Children, HEAL Palestine, and others.

Founder Nadia Othman shares, "We are proud to bring back Art for Aid, inviting artists globally to submit their work, with proceeds supporting organizations dedicated to the safety of Palestinians. Our inaugural event raised over $7,000, helping relocate a family from Gaza to Egypt."

Othman, motivated by months of political dilemmas and involvement in helping a family relocate, wanted to create a more impactful response beyond social media awareness. She adds, "Art has always been a powerful medium for change and expression. Art for Aid highlights the immense talent of artists worldwide and channels their creativity towards a crucial cause. Every piece sold represents a step towards alleviating suffering in Gaza."

The fundraiser offers art lovers and the community the chance to admire and purchase stunning pieces while supporting a vital cause. Art for Aid allows artists from around the world to contribute diverse artistic expressions that reflect borderless solidarity and support for Gaza.

The exhibition runs from 1pm to 9pm on Sunday June 9, and for those who can’t make it in person, Art for Aid's Instagram page offers a virtual gallery where artwork can be viewed and purchased online.