The Museum of Sex's "I Licked It, It’s Mine" Exhibition Showcases Playful Eroticism

Photo courtesy of Museum of Sex

New York’s Museum of Sex dips into human desire with its latest exhibition, “I Licked It, It’s Mine.” Showcasing the work of three female artists—Oh de Laval, Shafei Xia, and Urara Tsuchiya—the show explores stimulating themes of sex, desire, and intimacy through a range of exquisite artworks. This group exhibition is on view from now until January 19, 2025.

Each artist employs different mediums to bring her unique style to the exhibition. “I Licked It, It’s Mine” features paintings and ceramic sculptures that blend tenderness, excitement, and a hint of absurdity in their portrayals of sexual desire. Through human and animal nature, the artists illuminate concepts of love, lust and competition within the works.

The collection captures the playful and possessive aspects of desire and appetite, exploring sexuality with humor and fantasy. “I Licked It, It’s Mine” presents an imaginative, tongue-in-cheek approach to the erotic, inviting viewers to plumb into the complexities of human passion.

The exhibition asks “What does it mean to be “consumed” by lust, or to “possess” another?” The artists Oh de Laval, Shafei Xia, and Urara Tsuchiya explore every manner of appetite, from sublimated yearning to all-consuming hunger. United by an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek approach to the erotic and a flair for fantasy, the paintings and ceramic sculptures in this exhibition move between pulpy melodrama and decorative daintiness. Along the way, sexuality is experienced as love, but also as competition, involving our animal natures—and sometimes even the swapping of human and animal roles.